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True confessions of a photographer and mother…

One might think I get amazing photos of my kids all the time because I have a nice camera or because I’m a photographer by profession…  Think again.  Or one might think my kids just LOVE the opportunity to have their picture taken…  Think again.  This is one of the most agonizing things for me.. and my kids.  Well, actually, Tyson is going through a phase where he’s pretty fond of the camera, but Andrew.. well, let’s just say he’s past that stage in life and could CARE LESS.  It’s like pulling teeth to get one good photo.  This photo session “could” have been super fun, but it was an epic fail, to say the least.  Scheduled once, rescheduled only to find on the way that both boys shoes were in the washer (they needed to be cleaned.. trust me).  So no shoes, hair wasn’t even combed, outfits, well, we found something in the closet that was clean and somewhat un-wrinkled.  But this mamma was desperate for just a few photos of her boys, even if it meant messy hair (yes, they need haircuts), no shoes…which actually turned out cute, and wrinkly clothes that were thrown together last minute.  Who cares, right?  At least we were trying to capture this time in our lives.

We got to the studio and excessive whining came from one particular boy (I won’t name names).  EVERYTHING was a task to get him ready.  Seriously??? What is it with kids and having their picture taken??? Then as this boy finally turned his attitude around, he ended up getting a massive sliver in his foot, which abruptly ended our shoot.  I literally only got maybe 3 photos that I kinda, sorta like of each boy.

I think I tell you the “behind the scenes” to help those who have had nightmare experiences with photo sessions for their kids understand they are NOT ALONE!!! And just because I’m a photographer doesn’t mean I have a magic button for making amazing photos of my own kids.  Next time, I think I’m seriously going to hire out!

Here’s a few that made the cut… and trust me there were a lot that didn’t… ha ha

At least I tried, right??? 🙂

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