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Okay, so first of all I have to apologize for jumping ALL OVER THE PLACE with my wedding posts! A sneak peek here and a sneak peek there, here a peek, there a peek everywhere a peek peek (sung to the tune of Old MacDonald) Ha! I’ve been a little A.D.D. with my posts.

BUT, seriously… you’ve gotta check out the “awesomeness” of this green, mossy background for the ring shots taken at Matt and DaShell’s wedding. I had just finished up the “rings in the bouquet” shot when I noticed a mossy ledge tucked underneath a tree. WOW! It was so vividly green and soft, Raquel and I jumped with excitement! Ah yes, we photographers can be quite nerdy over the littlest of things. But can you blame us? Look at that color! Not everyone has moss as a backdrop for their wedding rings! Pretty stinkin’ cool!

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