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 WHAT IS A PLAY SESSION?…..A children’s portrait session that is tailored to his/her interests and personality.  I will be adding more to my portfolio this year so you can see how diverse and FUN these sessions are!  You’re kids will LOVE it!  

This is a “play session” I did last fall of my son for his 6 year portraits.  If you know Andrew, you know he is all about super-heroes, make belief and dressing in his costumes 24-7.  He has been in this “phase” so long I can hardly call it a phase anymore.  He has just moved on from super-heroes being his number one passion to now being the worlds biggest fan of Star Wars (he could battle some of you die-hards with his knowledge of the characters, which movie they are in, etc.  lol)  Although Star Wars is, in my mind, pretty dorky… I LOVE that my boys enjoy it so much.  Light saber fights with made-up bad guys all over the house will never get old.  I was meant to be a mom of boys:)  So I guess you can figure out our next theme for Andrew’s 7 year play session portraits!

These photos are precious to me because #1:  Andrew doesn’t necessarily care to have his photo taken, but he LOVED this session!  #2:  He’s usually giving me a stiff smile and I struggle to get a good picture of him. (we still had plenty of stiff smiles, but we played so much that he lightened up and you’ll see his silly personality come out… the series with his glasses slid down on the bridge of his nose was all HIS doing)  #3:  I sense that sooner rather than later, he’s going to be “too cool” to play along with mom’s photo sessions without getting embarrassed or just bored with it.  One of these days he’ll probably tell me that I can dream on before I can take his picture… hope this never happens!  For now, I’m going to soak up every ounce of fun from these play sessions and pray that he will never grow out of having fun with mom!


Carol White - Jessica you are truly amazing!!! These pictures of Andrew are priceless!! Wish I could have done that with my children when they were young. I don’t know how you do it but it is a gift and I am so glad you are pursuing your passion and sharing it with others. Love You and Love your gift Carol

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