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Announcing: The Loft Studio!

We are pleased to announce that we are renovating this AMAZING space into a natural light studio!!!  This project has been “under wraps” for a long time and we couldn’t be more happy to finally let everyone know!!!  I have been dreaming of a space like this for a few years now and happened to “stumble” upon it last February.  I almost had to pinch myself when I first saw it.  

A few details:  1350 sq ft.  (850 sq ft of studio space, then two small rooms for office/consultation room).  The studio is natural light.  We are knocking out one wall and lining it with windows for ample lighting.  Original hardwood floors and exposed beams make this space raw, original and down-right gorgeous.  We were told this building used to be a mill of some sort?  It is a very old building with a lot of character! 

A few questions and answers…

1. When will the studio open?  We are anticipating within a few months.  

2.  Who is occupying this space?  Jessica White Photography (Owner/Manager) Kate Benson Photography, Lindsey Shaun Photography, Jen Fauset Photography, Lindsey Orton Photography, Mikki Platt Photography and Lizzy Jean Photography.  Feel free to contact any of these photographers to learn more about doing a photo session here.  

3.  Can the studio be rented hourly by photographers other than the resident photographers?  We are not 100% sure on this just yet.  Let us settle in and we’ll get back to you on this:)  If we allow hourly rental, it will be very minimal.  Our resident photographers are our priority 🙂

4.  Can the studio be rented for other purposes other than photography?  YES!!  Need a place for a consultation with a client?  Come here!  Wedding planners, florists, and other professionals may rent the space hourly to have a client meeting, etc.  We have a client meeting area that can be utilized or the actual studio space can be used if no one is photographing in it at the time.  Videographers may rent the space hourly/daily.  Workshops, mentoring and classes may be held at the studio.  Editorial and commercial work may be an option.  Other non-photography related needs may have the option to rent out the studio hourly or daily.  **Note:  We are still working out all the details, so renting options are subject to change.

5.  Where is it located?  We are in Lehi, Utah.


We will be posting photos of the renovation along the way so be sure to check back to see it’s progress! 

Jess Bowers - Whole. Nutha. Level. Congrats, Jess!

Mollie O. - Looks amazing!! Congrats to you all. So exciting!

Jacquelyn - ummmm…GORGEOUS! Can’t wait to see it finished. What a fun project!

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